Installation Video projection,

ready made goals.

sound by DeathByDebt


LIGHT is an enquiry into additive and subtractive colour wheels. ‘Light’ experiments  with pigment mixing and light mixing in a dark, isolated space accompanied by an ambient soundscape by artist Andy O’Connor. ‘Light’ reveals the transformation of colour when principals of the colour wheels  are in collision.


The three suburban architectural paintings are each limited to a palette of two colours representing  contrasting colour combinations based of the subtractive colour wheel - green and magenta, purple and yellow and orange and blue.

The uncanny and dreamlike hues within the three paintings shift durationally, controlled by the fading LED RGB CMY light bulbs of the additive colour wheel  that hover above the paintings.


The audience is taken into an unfamiliar yet recognisable world that deconstructs one's perception and expectation of our sense of sight. Through the manipulation of light affecting each work and causing it to take on new qualities, the fragility of our perception of colour is on display.


Cross>< Court

Installation at Testing Grounds


projection and besser blocks

sound DeathbyDebt.